In 2013, Nola Martin and Beverly Evans conducted 42 interviews of 75 Port Neches residents who shared 17 hours of their memories of town, school, business, and their lives with us. Most interviews centered around individuals and their families, but some were conducted with multiple people and/or revolve around selected topics. We appreciate their efforts and the contributions of all who were involved in this project to help preserve the history and spirit of Port Neches' citizens.

Specific Individuals

Jerry Allison 06182013
Margaret Wilson Bailey 06192013
Patsy Carnahan Bartels 07172013
Pat Baze 08162013
Stella Block 06192013
Jimmy Dawkins 05152013
Beverly Evans 07222013
Thomas Flowers 08152013
Charles & Winnie Fondren 07222013
Angelica Vergara Hernandez 07182013
Larry Hinson 08152013
Elton Jones 06192013
C. B. Lindsey 06182013
Jessie Maxwell 09112013
Jack L Pedigo 07312013
Bud Reynolds 07172013
Bud Reynolds 08152013
Bobby Ross 08152013
Alice Scott Rothrock 08072013
Gail Cawley Showalter 10152013
Ward Barnett Singleton 0612201
Lois Guillote Smith 04242013
James Stefflen 05242013
James Stefflen 06192013
Anna Vogelvang 07232013
Elbert Hall Walters 05042013
Carolyn Webb 09112013
Thomas N Wilmore 06192013
HarryWright 07172013

Specific Topics

Avenue A 04242013

Burkettes Jewelry Shop - Gladys Godley - 08272013

Churches 06122013

Elementary School 05082013

Kitchen Road 04242013

L&A Grocery -Shirley Griffith 08272013

L&A Grocery - Shirley Griffith 10212013

Neighborhoods 1 05012013

Neighborhoods 2 05082013

PN Avenue 04172013

PN High School 05152013

PN Jr High 05152013

Refineries 05222013



Some of the interviewees assisted in creating the following maps of where businesses, residences, and landmarks used to appear during the periods discussed. You may find them helpful when listening to various interviews.

Downtown PN (PN Ave. from Llano to Philpott Ford)
Old Town (Grigsby to Ave. C, Park to Main) 
A.C. Block Neighborhood (PN Ave. to Johnson, Wagner to Washington)
Kitchen Road (Kit. Rd. to Lambert, Old Bmt-to-PA Hwy to Pure Atlantic)
Lambert Road (from Godwin Ave. to ?)

Misc. Documents

Various documents provided or created during the course of the interviews. A number of newspaper articles were also provided and, though not scanned, can be viewed at the Library.

Clark Family Histories (of the Goolsbee & Clark store downtown)

Rambling of My Early Years in Port Neches - Jack Pedigo

The Spur has a History - John DeVillier



Documents provided by the members who attended the oral history interviews on local churches. 

list for PN churches session 

Brief History of First Baptist Church

Chronological History of Paradise Primitive Baptist Church

History of the First United Methodist Church

Celebrating 120 Years 1881-2001 - FUMC

David Cargill's "Beatitudes" wood sculpture explanation (front) - FUMC

David Cargill's "Beatitudes" wood sculpture explanation (back) - FUMC

Sanctuary photo - FUMC

Chancel choir section sketch (front) - FUMC?

Chancel choir section sketch (back) - FUMC?

Port Neches Church of Christ 1942-1950

Trinity Presbyterian Church