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Memorials and Tributes
A thoughtful gift is just as satisfying for the giver as it is for the recipient. Surprise your spouse, child, or friend with a letter, sent on your behalf, announcing that a donation to the library was made in their honor.

Memorial gifts express remembrance of a beloved friend or family member. Tribute gifts celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirement, confirmations, weddings, or any other event that you would like to recognize.

How It WorksWith each memorial or tribute gift, the library will:

  • purchase a book (or books)
  • insert a personalized bookplate in each book
  • send a notification letter (your gift amount is kept confidential)
  • send a copy of the notification letter to the donor.
Make it PersonalYou might prefer that your gift goes to purchase children’s books or books about history, sports, nature, or some other topic. If so, we will try to match our book selections with any preferences you indicate on the Gift Form.

To download and print the memorial request form, click here:  Memorial / Gift Form

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