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Volunteers are welcomed as a part of the Library program to provide and enhance services to the public. Volunteers will be scheduled according to the needs of the Library, taking into consideration the amount of time the volunteer can give. In most circumstances, a volunteer will be asked to commit to a two-hour period once a week.
Volunteer Criteria:
  • Volunteers must be at least 17 years of age.
  • City policy prohibits volunteers who are performing judge/court-appointed service.
  • Volunteers should always conduct themselves in a businesslike, appropriate manner - in their speech, behavior and dress.
  • Volunteers should be dependable and prompt. The Library should be contacted if a volunteer will be unable to work at the expected time.
  • Volunteers will be assigned projects according to their interests and abilities as well as the needs of the Library staff. Projects may be long-term or a one-time request depending on Library needs.
  • Volunteers will not be expected to work the circulation desk or take any other role which require interaction with the public. In certain circumstances, a volunteer with specific expertise may assist in story-telling or other activities with the children's program.
  • Volunteers will primarily be given responsibilities such as assisting in program activities, cleaning, organizing, or some special project under the supervision of City staff.
  • Volunteers may not bring small children to the Library during the time frame in which the volunteer is scheduled to work. The Library staff cannot provide supervision of small children. Older children who can work independently or read quietly may accompany a parent who is a volunteer.
Some possible volunteer tasks include:
  • Teach a class
  • Help plan and coordinate programs
  • Historical reseach
  • Homework assistant
  • Organize a speaker/presenter
  • Arrange an exhibit/display
  • Design posters and displays
  • Organize social events
  • Shelf organizer
  • Collection inventory aid
  • Clean books
Check out the volunteer application here:   Volunteer Application
Please see the official volunteer policy and procedures here:  Volunteers

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